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Whether by paint, pastry or ceramic an artist must find a way to express themselves. Gia McCollister is a true artist. Gia began her artistic career as a baker & cake designer. She specialized in sugar craft, the creative art that produces detailed masterpieces to adorn the finest cakes. After perfecting this skill in London and New York, Gia moved to Birmingham and opened Gia’s Cakes. However, an artist’s work is never done and eventually Gia began looking for a new medium in which to express herself after she closed her bakery. After her husband Porter suggested she try ceramic art, Gia decided to challenge herself. Under the tutelage of Scott Bennet at Red Dot Gallery in Birmingham, Gia learned the basics of ceramics. Somewhere along the way, magic happened. Gia sought inspiration in her two favorite things, sugar craft and the exquisite garden she and Porter maintain. Gia McCollister is a labor of love, hand crafted and maintained by sparks of Gia’s creativity!


Individually handcrafted porcelain flowers.

"A field of clay touched by the genius of man becomes a castle"

Og Mandino


Single Magnolia


Frame flower

6” sq. x 1.5” h

Glass box

5” sq. x 2.5” h

Big glass box

8” sq. x 3” h



Cake plate

2 plates set:

Decorative plate 16”

Removable plate 10”

Dome 11" (not included)

Loaf plate

Large 16” w x 7” d

Small 14” w x 5 ½ d

Home Sweet Home

Birmingham, Alabama

nashville, tennessee

Birmingham, Alabama

Mountain Brook, alabama

Brays Island, SC

Mountain Brook, Alabama

Mountain Brook, alabama

Birmingham, Alabama

"Porcelain is pretty magic. The finish of it, the gloss... it's very strong, strong as it can be."

Susan Shultz

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